Reporting Options of Data Mining


To generate the report through Surf Accounts select from the split of Data mining browse and click on “Run” to generate the report. You can print, email or save the report to your local machine by using the toolbar of the reporting browse.  The following screen will appear.


Select the column and then select the "Print" option. The Reporting Browse will appear on the screen to print, save, email and import the report into your local machine. The following screen will appear. 


Print, Save, Import to Excel, Emailing the Data mining Report through Surfaccounts

Print: To “Print” the Data Mining Report, select the print option from the reporting browse. A print preview will be generated and the report is ready to print.


Excel: To download the Data mining report in MS Excel format click on “Excel”. The report will be downloaded in spreadsheet as *xls format into your local machine.


Save: To “Save” the report into your local device click on the “Save” option from the toolbar. It will be saved in PDF format into your local machine. 

Email: To send the Data mining Report through email recipient will receive the file as a PDF file and the email will contain the Report as an attachment as “ Data mining Report” along with the date.

To: Enter the email address of the recipient.

CC/BCC: Enter the email address you want to make a copy of the mail.

Subject: Enter the subject line in the “Subject “field. 


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