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Surf Accounts provides an excellent features to view the Ledger card of your customer. Before you access the ledger card of the customer from the contact browse please select the customer from the "Contact Browse". By selecting the customer contact an option will appear on the screen as "Accounts". From the "Accounts option you can view the customer ledger card.

Select the Customer the "Account" option will appear automatically on the browse. To view the ledger card details of the customer select "Account" button. To open the customer ledger card select Contacts » Customer » Accounts The following screen will appear.




Ledger Card View of a customer from the "Contact Browse":




Customer ledger Details:



The Date of the transaction will appear under the Date column in the customer ledger details browse. 




The description will show the transaction type. For e.g. if it’s a receipt under the description type the receipt number will appear. If it’s a sales Invoice it will appear as Sales invoice along with the invoice number.




The Notes will display the split notes of the transaction. For e.g. for receipts the name of the payee will appear. For Sales invoice the notes entered while generating invoice will appear like sales Type 1 under the notes column of the Customer Account browse.



Ref No: 

 If there is any Ref No for the transaction the Ref number will appear under the Ref No. column. 




The receipt amount or the invoice amount will appear under the amount column depending on the transaction type.




The paid amount will be displayed under the Paid column in the ledger card




The outstanding amount will be displayed under the outstanding column.



Due Date:

The Due date is only applicable for the Sales Invoices. The credit terms entered while invoicing will display the Due Date. Please note that this column is only applicable for the Sales invoices.




Status column will show whether the invoice is paid, partially paid or unpaid. For e.g. for all paid invoices the status will be paid, for unpaid invoices the status will be unpaid and for partly paid invoices the status will be part paid.




Please note in the customer account browse the receipt amount will appear with a negative sign but while printing the receipt no negative sign will appear. Receipts in all the fields in amount, paid, outstanding column the receipt will appear with the negative sign and this is system defined.  From the same browse you can see the unallocated amount along with periodic balance and the total balance. 

Show all Transactions:        By selecting the check box all transactions are displayed on ledger card. 

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