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In the browser view you will find the names of the business. If you wish to add a new business you can add the business by choosing the “Add” option from the Toolbar.  You can view the Number of business along with the "Year End"; "Plan", "No of Users". From the same browser view you can check the last Purchase invoice, the last sales invoice, last bank Reconciliation, the last VAT Returned and the last day when the business is being accessed.  

If you wish to add businesses choose the "Add" option on the task bar. For the existing business if you wish to work on that simply select the business and click on "Open".


The Generic Browser View of Surfaccounts. 

From the “Toolbar” you can select the “ADD”; “Open”; “Remove”; “Subscription” or “Change Credit Card” settings.

ADD: To add businesses choose “ADD” from the toolbar. A new browser will open to enter the new business details.

The following screen will appear. To setup the business choose the Business plan and continue with the business setup, account details. 


Setup your new Business. 

Open: To open existing businesses choose the “Open” option. All the existing business will appear in a new browser. Once the business name displays on the browser you can choose the business you want to open. Select the name of the business and click on “Open” again on the selected business.


From the Toolbar you can open the contact for further modification. Under "All Contacts" the total number of contacts will be displayed. If you wish to search from the browse use the "Search" look up. By default in a single browse 20 contacts displayed in the single browse. If you wish to view more you can change it to 50 or 100. As per the Result per page the number of contacts will be displayed in the Report.

Remove: To remove businesses choose the remove option. The following screen will appear along with a confirmation pop up.


Before you remove the business a Confirmation Message will appear for the confirmation to delete the business. Once “Continue” is being selected all the records; transaction will be deleted.  

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