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Surf Accounts is easier and simpler to use. To make it simple at the user level it has got an excellent feature to navigate the browser from one to another. This particular feature will help the user move into a different browser from a single browse. In a single browse all the option like “Dashboard”, "Settings", “Contacts”, “Invoicing”, “CRM”,” Banking”, "Accounts" “Reports” feature will appear once you logged into the business. Apart from these key functionality you can choose “Invite Support” to get support from the Surf Accounts support desk. Also you can have a quick look into the enhancement of the feature from the “What’s New” section. For any sort of help to use Surf Accounts you can choose the “Help” option. 


To Navigate into "Contacts" "Sales" “Marketing", "Accounts", "Reports" and "Settings" simply select the desired option to get into.  


Once the user logged into Surf Accounts and select the business, the user will be able to go into any of the section of the accounting application.  Surf Accounts is being designed and developed in such a fashion so that user does not have to open new browser for different functionality or application. From a single browse user can move to any of the section of the business to access the information. User can access the information of the business from Dashboard; Contacts; Sales; Marketing; Accounts; Reports and Settings. Once the user is logged into a specific business the following browse will appear. If the user wish to move to any other business the business needs to be selected the business page will appear. From the Business Page user can move to any other business.


Charts on the Dash board. Browser will show the Sales, Turnover, Bank Details and many more. 


Analyse your Business from the Dashboard Section. 

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