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 To view the activities like meeting or any other task the Filter option has been incorporated in Surf Accounts. This is a generic feature of the Surf Accounts. The filter option has been incorporated in the “Sales” browse. The main objective of the “Filter” option is to track down the opportunity or meeting in the “Diary” section under “Sales” browse. Apart from the “Sales Browse” the filter option will appear in different browses. While generating the report of the Pipeline Sales the filter option will appear. The following screen will appear.



To get the Graphical views choose the “Filter” option. The following screen will appear.





By using the “Filter” option Opportunity report can be customised. If you wish to generate the report “Account Manager Wise”, select the “Check Boxes” for the Account Manager under the Filter Opportunity report. To access the Filter Opportunity choose Sales » Opportunity» Filter » Filter Opportunity. 


For day to day Business activity we use the “Diary” segment of the Surf Accounts. The “Filter” option in the Diary segment is useful and important. 



Fig: Browser Overview of the Diary from where “Filter” option can be selected. 


Fig: Browser View of the “Filter Activities”. All the filter activities should be checked to display the activities on the browse.




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