Quick Sales Credit Note



To add a new Quick Credit Note, simply press the Add Quick Crn. Button and the following screen will appear.




Add the following details:


Date: Type in the Credit Note date here or click the magnifying glass to choose a date from the look up.


Ref No: Enter in any other reference number you may require, this could be a Customer Invoice Number or any other external reference.


Crn. No: This is an auto generated number.


Customer: Type in the Customer code or click on the magnifying glass to select a customer from the list or else click on the New button below the look up list to create a new customer on the fly. 


Customer Name: The customer name of the selected customer code appears here.


Net: Enter the Net amount of the Credit Note. 


VAT code: VAT code is displayed based on the rate setup on the customer. Or else the VAT code on the top of the list appears in the cell. Click on the down arrow on the Cell to change different VAT code from the list.


VAT: VAT amount is automatically calculated using the Net multiplied by VAT percent. This can be overwritten 


Gross: The Gross is automatically calculated using the Net plus VAT. 


Code: Select appropriate Nominal Code from the look up list or Type a nominal code that will reflect the Credit Note record. For Split amount on multiple nominal codes, the cell will display ‘Split’.


Notes: Notes populate the Nominal description of the Nominal Code selected. However, Notes can be overwritten. 


ADD: The Credit Note is initially created with 10 lines, if you need more simply press the Add button to create new blank lines.


SPLIT: Click Split Button to split the Net Bill amount over multiple Nominal Analysis Codes and/or different VAT Rates. If the total of Split records does not match with the Net Amount entered in the record in the parent row, click Adjust Total button to update the Net amount, VAT amount with the Split Total Net and VAT amount respectively.




The split is initially created with 10 lines, if you need more simply press the Add Button to create new blank lines.


NOTES: Click Notes Button to enter Notes to the record.

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