Quick Receipt for Customer and Non Customer


To Create receipts in Surf Accounts in batches using Quick Receipt options simply select Quick Receipts option from the Toolbar.

Bank Account: Select the Bank Accounts nominal code from the drop down. For e.g. if the Bank Account is selected as Bank Current Account it will be 771 as a nominal code. If it is a petty cash account the bank account nominal code will be 781.

Lodgment No: Lodgment no is important for a quick receipt. The lodgment number is mandatory.  This lodgment number will appear on the Receipt browser under the lodgment number column.

Lodgment Date: Enter the Lodgment date by using the calendar. This is a mandatory field.

Ref No: Enter the Reference number. This is not a mandatory field.

Customer: In the Customer Column if it’s a customer Receipt the name of the customer will appear. For non-customer receipt, the Customer column is not required at all. For e.g. if it is a non-customer then the customer code is not applicable at all.

Notes/ Paid by: For Customer Receipts the name of the customer will appear. By selecting the look up button in the customer column the name of the customer will automatically appear. However, if you wish to change it in the Notes/ Paid by field you can edit it. For e.g. if the nominal code of the existing an existing customer is “AND001” and the customer’s name is Andrew Motor Sports then by default in the “Notes” field will appear. If you wish to modify, you can manually feed the name of payee or any other notes type in the notes field. In the case of the non-customer receipt, you can enter the payee’s name.

Amount: Enter the receipt amount into the “Amount” column. For e.g. any customer or non-customer is paying an amount of 500.00 enter the amount into the amount field irrespective of customer or non-customer. 

VAT CodeVAT code will auto populate in the VAT Code only for a non-customer receipt. Please note VAT code will never appear on a customer receipt.

VAT: VAT will appear for a non-customer receipt. For e.g. for a non-customer receipt if the VAT is applied as Standard A23.00% for a business it will appear on the VAT amount. Calculation of VAT will be carried out depending upon the receipt amount. Please Note VAT will not appear on the customer receipt.

Code: For customer receipt, the bank code will appear as per the bank code you choose. Please note that for customer receipt code will be the Bank code.


At the 3rd split of the above figure, it is a not customer receipt. In the first two splits, these are customer receipt. So the VAT appears to be blank in both the VAT Code and VAT column. In the code column since the first two are customer receipt, it appears to be 771 by default as the Bank account is chosen as 771. For the non-customer receipt select the nominal code manually from the nominal look up.

Add: By using the “ADD” button you can add splits in the browser. For e.g. 10 lines will be there by default. If you wish to add a split in the Quick Receipt Browse click on “ADD” to add more than 10 splits.

Split: You can only split a non-customer Receipt by using the split button from the Quick Receipt Browse. For e.g.: a receipt of 500 has been entered as a non-customer receipt with a nominal code of 351 (Motor Expenses). Now if you wish to split that select the non-customer receipt and select “Split”. Now the amount 500 which was entered as a non customer you can split the amount. Before allocating you can change the nominal code and the VAT number. By using the look up button you can change the VAT Rate, nominal code, and the Notes.

Please note  Once you split the non-customer receipt the VAT code and Code will appear as “Split”. To check the split of the receipt again select the split after focusing on the non-customer receipt.

Notes: By selecting” Notes” from the quick receipt browse a pop up will appear as notes. You can type in the notes in case if you wish to edit existing notes in the notes column.


Browser View of Non-customer receipt where the amount is split and in the VAT Code and Code appears to be “Split” not showing the rate. To view the VAT detail, open the line entry

Allocation: While allocating a receipt against an Invoice select the “Allocation” tab. From this allocation tab, you can allocate the receipt against the Invoice. Before you allocate the receipt select the receiptSince allocation can only be done on Customer’s receipts. The non-customer receipt will not appear in any allocations. However, bank reconciliations consider these transactions. While allocating the receipt just select the checkbox against which you want to allocate the payment. By selecting the Invoice line a pop-up will appear showing the VAT amount and gross amount. 


Browser View of Allocation of payment. 


Browser View of Quick Receipt. 


Browser View of the Quick Receipt with customer and non-customer batch receipt. 

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