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Generate button on Recurring Invoice template page takes you to the Invoice List page. Invoice List page previews the list of all invoices to be generated from selected template till date. It displays all the invoices to be generated on the selected date. Select Date to ‘Generate Recurring Invoices up to’ from the date look up within Generate Page.

Invoice list page appears. This is a preview page where all recurring invoices not yet generated by the system for all recurring templates till the selected date appears.


Each row above shows a Status button at the end. Press this button to set the status of generation of each invoice. Note that as you change the status of each invoice and click the Update Button, the page updates the total number of invoices to be generated along with value. The system will consider the status you had selected at last before hitting the Update button and will update the recurring template with that status. The footer will show the status of each invoice generation.

Once you have selected all the option, press Generate button to generate the invoices.

The recurring Invoice template updates its status in the page as below:


Next date column is updated with the next due date of generation of the invoice of the selected template. No of Posted is updated shows the total number of invoices generated so far.


After generating all the scheduled recurring invoices, the status column of the recurring template updates to ‘Ended and Next Due date goes blank as below:


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