Surf Accounts added two reports for IE and UK businesses that are required to be filed with Revenue and detail the EU trade that a business carries out. 

VIES (Vat Information Exchange System)

This is a report of zero-VAT-rated transactions to non-local EU customers.  It is required to be filed either monthly or quarterly, so month from/to selections appear. Report will select only those transactions where Invoices carried out with zero VAT rate between eu business and non-eu local customers.

Accessing VIES

To access the VIES, select Accounts» General Ledger» VIES, the following screen will appear.


The VIES browser appears. To add a new VIES select Add button. Select the Month and the year up to which the VIES will be generated. Save the settings.


A message appears. Select proceed to generate the report.


Select proceed to generate the VIES report. The VIES browser generates the report. Select the report and click OPEN. Select Print.


Columns displayed on the report are:

  • Item No: sequential report line number.
  • Customer Name: Displays the customer name.
  • Customer VAT No.: The VAT number appears with the country prefix, e.g. a UK business would have VAT Number like GB123456789.  The user may or may not have entered the country prefix.  If they haven't, system automatically adds it on the report.
  • Sales Value: Total sales value for the customer, rounded to the nearest Euro (or Pound).  Invoice value is reduced by credit note value.
  • Flag: Blank for goods, "S" for Services. Flag is defined with VAT Rates.
For zero-rated EU transactions, the business is required by law to have the customer's VAT number, so VAT number should be entered in the customer details. 

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