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We have introduced a new function which will allow you to pay a series of outstanding purchase invoices by creating a SEPA file which may be submitted to your bank. This new feature is available as 'Pay Suppliers' under the ‘Banking’ menu. 

How to access the Pay Supplier

To access the ‘Pay Suppliers’ option go to the ‘Banking’ tab and select the new option as ‘Pay Suppliers’ as shown in the below mention figure.


By selecting the ‘Pay Supplier’ Button a new page will appear on the screen shown as below.


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Implementation of Pay Supplier

To implement the ‘Pay Supplier’ option the supplier must have the BIC and IBAN code. To enter the ‘BIC’ and ‘IBAN’ code of the supplier, select the supplier from the supplier page you can enter the above mentioned details which are mandatory. To enter the BIC and IBAN for the suppliers, select Contacts » Supplier the following screen will appear to enter the details.


BIC & IBAN from Chart Of Accounts of your Bank Account

To set up the Bank Identification Code (BIC) and International Bank Account Number (IBAN) of the banks select

Accounts» General» Chart of Accounts, the following screen will appear on the screen.


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Please note, in case if your Bank Account is not setup up the following information message will appear.



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Details of Pay Supplier Browse


Due Date

Due date will appear in this column, i.e. the invoice due date.

Doc No:

The document number of the ‘Purchase Invoice’ will appear in this column.


The supplier code will appear under ‘Code’ column.


The name of the supplier will appear in the ‘Name’ column.


The currency of the supplier will appear under the ‘Currency’ column.


The Ageing column displays the number of days after the due date (or "-" if not overdue).


The Invoice amount will appear in this column.(Not allocated) 


The paid or allocated amount against that particular invoice will appear under the paid to date. For e.g. An Invoice has been raised on 28.06.2015 and the Credit term is set to 60 days. The amount is 100 and allocated amount is 80. The unallocated amount is 20. That unallocated amount will appear under the ‘Paid to Date’ column. If the invoice is fully allocated the Paid-to-Date will appear as 0.00.


The unallocated/unpaid amount will appear under the unpaid column.


If the discount is allowed then the discount amount will appear in the browse. From the discount column if you wish to allow discount you can enter the amount the here. Please note discount column is editable.


By selecting the check box beside the ‘Pay ‘column all the outstanding amount will be selected. By pressing the ‘Pay’ icon the entire outstanding amount will be credited into the selected bank account in a single go.

If you wish to enter the payment line by line or by specific supplier with a specific amount you can enter the amount and select that particular check box and press ‘Pay’ button.

Please note ‘Pay” column is editable and you can enter the amount as per business requirement.

Bank Account

The bank account can be selected by using the drop down. Please ensure that the BIC and IBAN code are setup against the bank account for accepting the ‘SEPA’ (Single Euro Payments Area) payments.

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Line by Line payment in ‘Pay Supplier’



  1. This indicates the invoicing amount i.e. 398.52
  1. This indicates the part payment i.e. 298.52 (Editable column).
  1. This indicates the discount allowed against the invoice i.e. 50.00 (Editable column).
  1. This indicates the unpaid amount i.e. [1-(2+3)] = 4

Please note, the amount will be credited to the selected bank account i.e. 771 Bank Current Account here as shown in the above figure.

By selecting the ‘Pay’ option the following screen will appear to enter the supplier payment number for the first time.

Please see below :


Post entering the supplier payment number a confirmation message will appear on the screen as shown below.


Once the confirmation is given the following screen will appear to download the SEPA XML file. Select the ‘OK’ button to generate the file.


The following Credit Transfer XML file will be generated as follows.


Please note, if the supplier’s name has a “&” sign (for e.g. Thomas & Brooks Company), the XML file or the “SEPA” file will show “+” sign instead of “&” sign. 

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PAY option from Pay Supplier Browse for all invoices

By selecting the ‘Pay’ button selecting all the outstanding invoices it will be paid in a single go. The Credit Transfer XML file will be generated.


Please note the ‘Supplier Payment’ browse will show as ‘Credit Transfer’ under the Ref. No. column and payment transaction will show as ‘Quick Payment’ (Batch Payment).

See below:


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Print Option in Pay Supplier Browse

By selecting the ‘Print’ option system will prompt to print the selected entry or all entries as shown below.


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