Intrastat Details in Product Browse

Enter the Intrastat Details in Product Browse

Enter the following information under Intrastat Details. 

Commodity Code

Select the look up button beside the Commodity Code. A list of commodity codes will appear on the screen. Select the appropriate commodity code from the list. You need to click on the “CN Code” beside the product description. By moving the cursor on the “CN Code” a hyperlink will appear. Select the code, the description will auto populate.

Net Mass

Enter the “Net Mass” here. Net Mass is quite similar to the net weight.

Supplementary Units

If supplementary units do not apply to the commodity chosen, they show as "-".


Please note, if the “Exclude from Intrastat” tick box is ticked the above mentioned fields will be in read-only mode.

The system will not allow you to enter the details as the product is already excluded from Intrastat. 


Select the Commodity Code and enter the Net Mass and Supplementary Units

Please note, if the SU column shows a (-) sign in the List of Commodity Codes, in the Supplementary unit box a ‘-’ sign will appear in Supplemental Units.


Browser View of Product Browse showing Supplemental Units



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