Intrastat Export to ROS


To export the Intrastat in ROS you must follow the following steps. 

Set-up/ Amend Import Format

Before you export the CSV file to ROS you must set the format. Go to the ‘Edit’ option from ROS and select Set -up/ Amend Import Format.  To modify the Import format, change the format type to “CSV” and accordingly change the Order and Length as per the Column Settings of the CSV file - see screenshot below.

Please note, this mapping should be accurate in order to export to ROS.

By selecting the ‘Continue’ option you will be asked to choose the PSI file as shown below:

                                   Change the Import format after changing the Order and the Length and save as CSV
Type of Return: Return with Data

Flow: Arrival

Statistical Period: Select the Period for you want to export to ROS. 

Select ‘Continue’ to proceed and you will be redirected to the following screen. 


Intrastat Line Item Summary Screen

Import Line Items: 

Once you set up the Intrastat Line Item select the Edit option to import line items (i.e. importing the Intrastat CSV file).  


Import Line Items option under ‘Edit’


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