Add, Print and Save Intrastat



Add Intrastat


To add Intrastat, select the add button from the tool bar, a New Intrastat pop up will appear on the screen


New Intrasat Browser View 

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Enter the following information in the New Intrastat pop up:

Ending Month

Select the ending month for which you want to generate the Intrastat. For e.g. here the month of March is considered as Ending Month. Use the drop down button to select the month.

Ending Year

Select the ending year for the Intrastat by using the drop down menu. For e.g. 2016 has been selected as the ending month.


To close the period which is quite similar to VAT return generation select the check box, or else keep the check box unticked. Please Note, in a closed state, the Intratest can not be deleted.

Default Commodity Code

Select the default commodity code by using the look up button. By selecting the magnifying glass the list of commodity code will appear. The list consists of the CN Code, Description, SU NM column. This section has been introduced in this version of Surf Accounts to export the Intrastat to ROS. Please note, this is a mandatory field.

The default commodity code will be applied to "Quick" invoices & credit notes, where no products have been specified.

Default Mode of Transport

The default mode of Transport depends on the business type. Surf will provide an option of 1-9. Choose the one you want to apply.  Mode of Transport code corresponds with ROS's code.

Default Nature of Transaction

Select the default nature of the transaction. Surf Accounts provide an option to select in between 1-9.   Nature of Transaction code corresponds with ROS's code.


Print and Save Intrastat

Surf Accounts will provide you three options to save, print or cancel the Intrastat that you have generated. 

  • To ‘Save’ the Intrastat click on the ‘Save’ button and then click on ‘Proceed’ from the Confirmation Message window.  

See below:


By selecting on ‘Save’ button the Confirmation Message will appear. 


Print: If you directly select the ‘Print’ button Surf will redirect you to the Intrastat Report, however, the generated Intrastat will not be saved. 

See below:

Exports CSV’ in Intrastat Details


From the above browser, you can Print, Save, Email and download the report in. xls format. 

  • Cancel: To cancel the generated file click on the ‘Cancel’ button, it will not be saved in the Intrastat browse. 

Please note, if the Intrastat is in a closed state, then only you will be allowed to generate the Intrastat for the next period. 

After entering the relevant information see the Intrastat browser view as shown below: 


Browser view of the Intrastat browser.

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