Update Price of Products from Purchase Invoice


Price of a product keeps changing. You may have added a purchase price of a product which has changed by the time you are invoicing for Purchase. While adding the purchase invoice you can edit the purchase price at the product line. Surf Accounts allow you to set alert so that each time you enter a different product price for your selected item, system will automatically update the price of the product in the product catalogue. 

Settings to Update Product Price from Purchase Order

While setting up business, define the update of purchase price from purchase order through settings option. To setup the Price Update settings into Surf Accounts select Settings» Accounts» Setup.  The following screen will appear.


There are three options. By default 'Never' is selected.

 Select 'Never' to disable the option of updating purchase price of a product in the product list while adding new purchase price within Purchase invoice or Purchase Order. If this option is selected, then you can add purchase price of a product within the product line different from the actual price of the product as defined in the product list.

Select 'Always' to update purchase price of product list for any change in the purchase price within purchase order or purchase invoice.

Select 'Ask Each Time' to decide on the spot whether to update the purchase price of the product  or keep the existing price of the product . with this option selected in the financial settings tab, go to purchase module and add a new purchase invoice. On the product line, edit the price of a product and save the invoice. The following validation message will appear.


Select yes to update the price of the product within the product list. Select no to unchanged the product purchase price as defined within the system.

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