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We have added a useful tweak called Copy Invoice by which you can replicate Invoices. You may have to generate invoices having exactly similar details of sales or purchases. Copy Invoice option appears along the invoice line in the Invoice pages to help you copy an invoice and generate exactly same invoice out of it. It will only have a different invoice number, the details of the invoice can be changed before saving the invoice.

Generating Invoice Using the Copy Invoice Option 

To copy an invoice, go to Accounts >Sales (Purchases)>Invoices/ Credit Notes. Select the Invoice you wish to copy. The ‘Copy’ option appears below the selected record. Select the option to copy the record.


Surf Accounts replicates the selected Invoice and opens the new Invoice as below:


To save the copied invoice as is, hit the Save button. However you can edit the invoice and make necessary changes. You can add or edit product details, invoice dates, customer details. The copied Invoice will have a new Invoice number.

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