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We have improved the Email templates section. We have introduced an attachment section.  This may be useful to include price lists, special offers etc with invoices & statements as they are being emailed.

Surf will allow the following types of files to attach to send the mail.

» .pdf ,  .jpg, , .jpeg , .png  .xls, .xlsx, .doc , .docx


Please note, the maximum file size can be upto 2 MB, and duplicate attachment names are not allowed on any one template. When the file will be uploaded it should be scanned for malware to make sure the file does not contain any kind of virus or mal ware.

To avoid such issues, related to malware scan, if it is failed the system will alert at the recipient’s and will ask to perform a scan for the attached files.

Once the files are attached at the right hand side the attached files will be shown as highlighted in the above mentioned figure.  

Deleting Attachment

If you wish to delete the attachment simply click on the attached filed and a confirmation message will appear before you delete it finally.

Please see below:


Emailing the Invoices with attachment


Recurring Invoices with attachments

For recurring invoices which are to be emailed along with the attachment the following screen will appear. A pop up will appear on the screen as “E mail attachments”. By selecting the “OK” option the selected attached file will be sent to the recipient. The same is applicable for credit note also.

To send selective attachment check the appropriate file and select “OK”.


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