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We have implemented “Product Barcode” feature in this version of Surf Accounts. The Product Barcode may be used for a barcode number or product number (e.g. Manufacturer code) that may be shown on printed invoices.

Add Product Barcode from the Product Browse

From the Product List browse under Stock tab the following screen will appear to enter the product details. After the “Product Code” column a new column has been added as “Bar Code Number” where you can enter the bar code against the product. 


Add barcode from transaction

While invoicing you can also add the “Bar Code Number” for new or existing product, see below.   


Print preview of the Invoice with barcode :

Once the barcode is entered against a particular product and post printing the barcode will show on the invoice.

In order to print the barcode please make sure the “Show Bar”.

See below:


Print Preview of Sales Invoice where Bar code is in use:


Please note, that “Bar Code Number” is only applicable for detail transactions only, as batch transaction does not show the product.

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