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We have introduced a new option “Notify in Transactions” in Surf Accounts. Adding an alert while creating an invoice with a particular product (for example, to remind yourself of special offers) may be achieved with this function. To use this option, go to Settings > Product & Stock and select Products, to open the ‘Product’ browse. 

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In the “Product Browse” we have added a new field as “Notify in Transaction” with a tick box. To enable the feature, you must tick the “Notify in Transactions” tick box. 

Add the notes you want to display while invoicing as a pop up in the ‘Notes’ field. 

See below: 

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While invoicing when you choose the product from the product line the “Product Notes” pop up will appear. 

Please note, this is not the product description. The notes which you have entered against a particular product that will appear as a pop up as “Product Notes”.  The maximum number of characters you can enter in the notes field is 255. 

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