Calculate Net to Gross in Non -Supplier Payment and Non-Customer Receipt



We have added a new feature to calculate the Net amount to the Gross Amount of Non-Supplier Payment and the Non Customer Receipt. To access this new feature go to Setting, and click on setup under Accounts. Under Non-Supplier Payment a new option is added as “Calculate Net amount from the Gross”. Similarly, under Non-Customer Receipt the new option is also introduced. 

Please note, “Calculate Gross amount to Net Amount” was the default option in the last version

See below: 

 Net to Gross in Non-Supplier Payment: 
 Detail Non-Supplier Payment: 
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 Gross to Net in Non-Supplier Payment:
 Quick Non Supplier Payment: 
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Net to Gross in Non- Customer Receipt:
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Gross to Net in Non-Customer Receipt:

Net to Gross in Non- Customer Quick Receipt:

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