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We have enhanced the “Product Browse” in Surf Accounts by adding up a couple of new fields in the business where inventory is important for the business. These changes will be reflected in the Stock report. 

New Fields in Product Browse

Product Location (1)

A new field has been added as “Product Location”, just below the “Product Code”. Maximum 50 characters can be added in this field. The same will be available while you generate a Stock Level Report, Stock Ledger Card Report, and Stock Valuation Report.

Landed Cost and Landed Mark Up % (2)

We have added 2 new fields as Landed Cost and Landed Mark Up %, which is similar to Markup, just below the Purchase Price and Markup %. The landed Markup calculation is same as Markup.

Landed Markup % = (Sales Price - Landed Cost) /Land cost*100.

Notify Transaction and Notes (3)

We have added a tick box as “Notify Transaction”. If “Notify Transaction” is ticked, you will be allowed to enter the notes in the next column with a maximum 255 character. These notes fields will be available in Stock level report, stock ledger card report and stock valuation report.  

Supplier (4)

Select the ‘Supplier’ by using the lookup button.

In detail illustration, see below: 


New fields in the Product Browse. 


1)      Description

The description is displayed followed by the Product. By choosing the Product Code, the description will auto populate if it is set while entering the product into Surf Accounts.

2)      Landed Cost

Select the ‘Advance’ option to open the Transaction Details pop up. From transaction details you can change the description as well. The Landed Cost will be displayed from here.

3)      Landed Markup

The Landed Mark-up will also appear on the Transaction Details at last.


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