Multicurrency in Quick Receipt / Payments/ Credit Notes


In a global economy, the ability to trade with foreign companies in their native currency is becoming ever more important.  So we have introduced the facility to deal with customers, suppliers and banks in different currencies to your business's main accounting currency ('Base Currency').

You may choose to specify your own customised conversion rates, or use the daily rates provided to Surf Accounts by Yahoo Finance.

Foreign currency transactions will be automatically converted to your base currency, keeping your core accounts correct while dealing with your global partners. 

Multicurrency in Quick Receipt / Payments / Credit Notes

For multicurrency in quick receipt and payment browse an additional button has been added in the browse if your customer or supplier has different currency compare to your business currency (Base Currency). By selecting the ‘Currency Rates’ box a pop up will appear on the screen as ‘Conversion Rate’.  


Foreign Currency amount

In the foreign currency amount field the net amount will appear in the foreign currency filed.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate will auto populate depending on the settings. If ‘Use Yahoo Finance for Automatic Rates’ is checked then the rate of the currency on the day of transaction will be populated. System will also allow to enter the conversion rate manually.

Converted amount

The converted amount will be the multiplied figure of the conversion rate and the net amount.

Please note, the ‘Currency Rates’ will only appear if your customer/ supplier currency is different from your business currency (Base Currency).

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