Manage Users, Charge out Rates and Accountable Units



For service-based businesses, you may now record the time and expenses spent on customers and then invoice accordingly.  This enables you to better manage the productivity of collaborative team work and track the profitability associated with each customer.


Manage Users, Charge out Rates  and Accountable Units


                                                          Manage Users, Charge out Rates  and Accountable Units

By selecting the Manage Hours & Rates for the user the following screen will appear (User Time Settings).

You need to select the ‘Settings’ button following screen will appear. You need to check ‘Enable time recording’ box and click on ‘Save’ button, then the next screen will come.


                                                              Enable Time recording by selecting the check box

By selecting on the Settings button or on the “User Name (Email id)” you will be redirected to the following screen and make sure the “Enable time recording” is checked and the “Change Out” rates and “Working Column” will appear on the screen as follows.


                       Enter the Charge out rate and mileage rates her along with the joining date and leaving date.


                                                                        User Time Setting Browse

User Time Settings browse details: 

From the ‘User Time Setting’ browse by selecting the ‘Time’ button the edit user rate pop up will appear on the screen to edit the user rates for the staff.

Please note, ‘Enable Time Recording’ check box should be checked.

Enter the details in the Edit User Rate pop up.

Daily Hours

Enter the Daily Hours for the staff. The daily hours will be displayed in the Time sheet.

Mileage Rate

Enter the Mileage Rate here.

Charge Out Rate

Enter the charge out rate for the staff. For different charge out rates system provides 9 different columns will appear. You can enter different charge out rates. The charge out rates will appear in the Timesheet.  

Joining Date

Enter the ‘Joining Date’ of the staff by using the calendar. Please note, that this is an optional column.

Leaving Date

In case if the staff is working on a contract basis enter the leaving date by using the calendar. This is an optional field.


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