Time Sheet


For service-based businesses, you may now record the time and expenses spent on customers and then invoice accordingly.  This enables you to better manage the productivity of collaborative team work and track the profitability associated with each customer.

Time Sheet

The key feature which has been introduced in Time and expense module is time sheet. For a business you may have different staff. Depending on the higher key of the staffs the charge out rates and the time can differ from other staffs. For e.g. for a director of the audit firm the charge rate would be higher than the book keeping entry staffs. If the charges of the audit director are 100 euro per hours it may differ from the audit staff. So for every staff you can enter different charge rates.


                                                                                         Time Entry Browse

Hours Entered

The hours entered column will display the working hours entered against a particular staff in a particular week irrespective of changeable or non chargeable.

Hours Required

The ‘Hours Required’ is the total hours required in the total hours defined by the user for a particular week (From Monday to Sunday).

Hours Under

If the ‘Hours Required’ is greater than the ‘Hours Enter’ for a particular staff in a particular week the difference amount will appear under the ‘Hours Under’ Column.  For example the Hours Required for a particular staff is 90 hours and the required ‘Hours Entered’ is 60 hours then the Hours Under will show 30 hours.  The calculation methodology is ‘Hours Required’ > ‘Hours Entered’ Hours Under


The chargeable amount will be displayed under this column.

Non Chargeable

The non chargeable amount will appear under this column.


Week wise date will appear on the screen. You just need to select the date for which you want to enter the time. All the week days along with Saturday and Sunday will appear in the browse.


Code displays the ‘Customer Code’.


Select the ‘Customer’ by using the look up.


Select the project by using the magnifying glass.


Select the appropriate task by using the dropdown.


Enter the hours in this column.

Charge-out Rate

Select the charge-out rate by using the drop down.


The total amount will appear under the ‘Total’ column.

After entering the details select ‘Save’ to enter the records into Surf Accounts.

By selecting the ‘Clock’ icon at the top right hand corner, the time sheet browse will open.


                                                                           Enter Time and Expense Browse

Select Staff from the Time sheet Browse

You can select different staff from the Time sheet browse. The logged in user will be the default user. For e.g. you have 5 staffs for your business. To change the staff select on the name of the staff. By selecting the name of the staff the user list pop up will appear on the screen. Change the name of the staff from the user list pop up. 

For details see below:


                                                                                     Time Sheet Browse

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