Customer Time Account


For service-based businesses, you may now record the time and expenses spent on customers and then invoice accordingly.  This enables you to better manage the productivity of collaborative team work and track the profitability associated with each customer.

Customer Time Account

To view the Customer Ledger Card (Time Account), select Contacts Tab » Customer »Time as shown below. 


Time button in the Inline menu of client Contact browse

By selecting the customer select the ‘Time’ button to open the customer ledger card. The following screen will appear.


Browser View of Time Card

From the Customer Time Account browse you can sort the time and expense records by using the drop down. If you wish to view time records only select time from the drop down. Similarly you can view the expense records also. To view all transaction select ‘Both” from the drop down and select the check box ‘Show all Transaction’.


The following details will appear in the Customer Time Account Browse.


The transaction date of the record appears in this column.


The type of the record is displayed here. For Time record the type will be time and for expense the type will be expense.


The name of the business users is displayed here.


The note entered against the record is displayed in this column.


The total time recorded for the work is displayed in this column.


The total charge out rate for the work is displayed in this column.


The amount which has been invoiced for the customer is displayed in this column.

Written off

The write off amount is displayed in the written off column.


The outstanding invoice amount is displayed in this column.

**Please note, the time entry should always be in the base currency.  If contact browse shows the EURO as base currency as if it were GBP as foreign currency for multicurrency business, in the time card (Customer Ledger Card), it will show the base and foreign currency "Amount", and the other columns will show as the foreign currency.


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