Invoicing of Time & Expenses and Write Off and Write Back


For service-based businesses, you may now record the time and expenses spent on customers and then invoice accordingly.  This enables you to better manage the productivity of collaborative team work and track the profitability associated with each customer. 

To generate Invoices for the Staffs for Time & Expenses with or without projects select the Accounts Tab. Invoices can be generated from the detail Invoice section. To generate an Invoice with project select Accounts » Sales Invoice/ Credit Notes. While generating the Invoice with Project after selecting the “Product” look ups a pop up will appear on the screen as “Project Summary”. The project summary will give the “Product” description along with the product type as “Time” and “Hours” will be the Time and Amount of the project will appear under the “Amount” column.


                                                                                         Invoicing Time and Expenses

Project Details:

From the Invoice browse select the invoice from the row and select the ‘Time’ button. The project summary pop up will appear on the screen. From the ‘Project Summary’ select the ‘Part’ option. By selecting the ‘Part’ hyperlink the Project Details pop up will appear.

Please note if the transaction is locked, system will not allow selecting the ‘Time’ button in the Invoice Browse.

An ‘Unbilled’ column is added after ‘write off’ column. After billing the rest of the amount goes to ‘Unbilled’ column.


                                                               Invoicing Project and applying the Write off function.

Invoicing a Project

Project can be invoiced in two methods. If you wish to invoice the entire project, simply select ‘All’ as shown below. The Following screen will appear.


                                                                                Invoicing a Project for a customer

If you wish to Invoice partly select ‘Part’ from the project summary pop up as shown below.


Time and Expense Invoicing with Partial Write Off

Please note, when the Part-project details are being selected, the popup should by default have the "Unbilled" value the same as the Amount column. This will ensure that Amount = Bill + Write off + Unbilled, even before edits.

To generate a part invoice for a project, select part from the ‘Project Summary’ pop up. A new pop up will appear on the screen as ‘Project Details’. Enter the amount you want to invoice under the ‘Bill’ column beside the ‘Amount’ Column. After entering the billing amount select the ‘Invoice’ option.

For details see below:


Time and Expense Invoicing

The Total amount of the above invoice is 80.00 and partially 40.00 are invoiced. The project was for 1.00 hours. Since 40.00 is invoiced the time will be automatically reduced to 0.50 Hours.


                                              Time and Expense Invoicing where time reduced automatically

If the user wants to select less than the total amount they can select the hyperlink. Once the hyperlink is selected the individual line entries will appear which can be individually selected. They can select the header check box which will select all items/ no items or individually select items.


                                                                                          Browser view Invoicing Project


Select the name of the customer by using the look up button.

Invoice Number

Invoice number auto populates in this column for auto codes. If the business is set to manual coding, enter the invoice number in this column.

Ref No.

Enter the reference number in this column. This is an optional column.

Quote/ S.O. Number

Select the quote or order number by using the look up button. This is not a mandatory column.

Invoice Date

Select the Invoice Date by using the calendar. Select the due date as well in the due date column.

Account Manager

Select the name of the account manager by using the drop down menu. This is not a mandatory field.


Select the “Product code” as Time. This is system defined. Please note that any other product code will not be applicable for the Invoice. Here “Time” is considered as a product.


Description will be auto populated. While creating the project the same description is displayed in the description column. You can change the description by selecting the ‘Advance’ button from the Invoice browse. By selecting the ‘Advance’ option the ‘Transaction Details’ pop up will appear. Change the description from the ‘Transaction Details’ pop up.


Hour is already allocated for the project.


The rate per hour for the staff of the project will be reflected in the “Value” column.


Discount will appear as zero if no discount is being offered.


Vat will be applicable as per the project selection.

Nominal Code

The nominal code will appear as sales nominal code “001”.

Net Amount

Net Amount is displayed as per the project rate.


To add invoice line in the invoice browse use “Add” button.


To delete the invoice lines, select the “Delete” button.


To get the transaction details select the “Advance” button. A pop up will appear on the screen as “Transaction Details”. In the description of the transaction details the project description will appear. “Product” will appear as “Time”. Sales price will appear the charges per hour for the project.


By selecting the ‘Time’ button the Project Summary will appear on the screen. From the Project Summary you can invoice all the projects or partially. By selecting ‘Part’ the ‘Project Details’ will appear on the screen. Please note if the transaction is locked ‘Time’ button will be disabled.


History button of the invoice browse shows the project date, quantity, purchase price, sales price and the mark up.


Functionality of the ‘Advanced’ button to view the ‘Transaction Details’

Time Button in Invoice Browse

By selecting the ‘Time’ button from the invoice the ‘Type Summary’ pop up will appear on the screen. From the ‘Type Details’ user can use ‘Write off’ directly from the Invoice browse. 


                                                                                           Function of ‘Time’ button from Invoice browse.

Write off

To write off from the Time & Expense ledger card select the “Write off” option. The following screen will appear.


                                                                                                      Browser view of Write off

The project summary will appear as a pop up on the “Time” (ledger) card browse. Select the one you wish to write off. To write off there will be two options as “All” and “Select”. To write off all the entries select the “All” hyperlink or if you wish to write of specific record select the one you want to write off.

To ‘Write Off’ specific entries choose the “Select” hyperlink. By selecting the hyperlink, a pop up will appear on the browse. By selecting the hyperlink to write off either select “All” or select the specific records.

Once the ‘Write off ‘is successfully carried out a confirmation message will appear on the screen.

To write back choose the specific entry from the ledger card. Select the ‘All’ hyperlink you can write back the entire written off amount from the Time (ledger) card.

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